The Protectors

A Dragon Tale

What is The Protectors?

Warlords Battlecry: The Protectors (or TPC), is a new Warlords Battlecry 3 mod
and sequel to the Warlords franchise.
TPC is an ambitious project which focuses on a new interactive RPG experience and a streamlined & modernised RTS experience. It is stand-alone, meaning that it can be run without having the original game installed.

Currently, TPC is in development (and has been since 2010), and has not reached a stable version. However, there are beta versions available for download. All users are considered beta testers and are encouraged to report bugs and make suggestions:
- On the TPC forum
- On the TPC Discord channel
Multiplayer games are also run on the Discord channel.

Official website | Forum | Download | Feedback

We also accept donations. The money will either be used to purchase helpful assets for improving the game or simply for acquiring beer. Donors will receive a special place in the credits list and our gratitude, of course.


Among various other features, TPC attempts to achieve the following:

  • Provide new RTS and RPG elements which deliver greater strategic and role-playing depth, including greater terrain influences on battles, unit types, dialogue choices, multiple endings and psychological profiles
  • Improve old, poorly designed systems or mechanics, including the resource, combat stat, damage type/armor, hero, retinue, conversion and terrain systems
  • Integrate all official Warlords lore into the game, including lore from: Warlords, Warlords 2, Warlords 3 & its expansion, Warlords Battlecry, Warlords Battlecry 3, Puzzle Quest & its expansions, Puzzle Quest 2, Puzzle Quest 3 and unofficial TPC lore to help fill any gaps (which is based on and respects Warlords lore)
  • Provide new content, including music, maps, productions, heroes, items and a new story-driven, multi-choice campaign with diplomacy, new locations, quests, characters, and videos, which also changes based on hero traits and any of their prior actions or choices
  • Provide the campaigns of the previous Warlords Battlecry games, including the Tears of Dawn WBC1 campaign, the Conquest WBC2 campaign and The Fifth Horseman WBC3 campaign, all updated with TPC’s gameplay
  • Improve pre-existing content, providing new graphics, audio, features and functionality
  • Provide up to 16 player gameplay which can be reliably played in multiplayer
  • High resolution support for up to 4K
  • Improve the editor, increasing the amount of control that map-maker’s have over their designs
  • Fix every single one of the series’ bugs, from the most notorious to the most insubstantial, thereby providing the most reliable and bug-free experience in Warlords Battlecry history
  • In general, bring the game up to modern standards and fulfill the potential of Warlords Battlecry, the founder of the role-playing real time strategy genre


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